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Boarding Students

Live Where You Learn

At Northwood School, student dorms anchor our close-knit community. Each year, approximately 85% of our co-educational student body lives on-campus in dedicated boys’ and girls’ dorms under the supervision of our residential faculty. Northwood students' educational experience is enhanced by living in a diverse community of individuals with a wide range of interests and backgrounds.

Dorm faculty live in the residence halls and offer students guidance as they develop independence and responsibility. Faculty Dorm Parents and Student Resident Assistants (RAs) help foster, productive, and family-like living environment.

Furnished rooms, laundry, and bathroom facilities provide for each student’s basic needs, while close proximity to the dining hall, library, classrooms, and faculty advisors offers convenient access to academic and social amenities. Nightly study hall, rules for lights out and quiet hours, and sign-out procedures offer structure and accountability. Northwood’s residential experience make us a boarding school, but it is the way our students come together to build friendships and share experiences that creates our unique community.

Campus Life

Manicured walkways connect dorms, sport facilities and classrooms. During daylight hours, students have access to an outdoor pavilion surrounded by Adirondack forests and a hiking path on Cobble Hill. Students can also access the Northwood Beach on Mirror Lake, walk to shops and a movie theater on Lake Placid’s Main Street, and take shuttles to nearby shopping plazas. Organized weekend activities range from baking with dorm families to maintaining local mountain bike trails. Students who live in the Northwood School dorms experience a sense of autonomy that helps them develop maturity and independence early in their educational career.